So about that help…

A couple sessions back Yain made arrangements with an old aquaintance of his. The party followed through, to the letter of the deal, not necssarily the spirit. Then found themselves sidetracked disposing of a lich. That’s taken care of and now it’s time to cash in. Arragements were made and they have a meeting with the individual that stole the flying machine engine.

Instructions dictate not only the time and place of the meeting, but also that all of the party is expected to attend. They performed a bit of recon and figured out that the location seems to be obscured by magic, but went forward anyways. The whole party entered, and found themselves locked inside with a host of challenges, all somewhat necrotic if not outright undead themed. Ultimately making their way to a room with a dwarf that looked very familiar to Liath. The fellow be acquired his glove, the Prince of Shadow’s Left glove to be precise. However this turned out to be the guy’s twin brother. Who stil has his glove in fact, the Right. He apologized for the challenge, but was asked to provide a bit of a test. He then offered the party the job of trying to prevent the Lich King from forming an alliance with the Diabolist. However the party by and large was disinterested, especially Solare who had no difficulty expressing just how livid he was over the little test.

Now the party is making plans for their next move, which may very well be infiltrating the Necropolis itself, leaning more about the Lich King more directly.

Now outside of the recap, not sure if I’m gonna keep these of. They’re short, light on the detail, and I’m not sure if they’re worth putting up at the end of the day. Still interested in making posts here, but these may stop before too long.


The Prince of… Light?

So another game short a couple of players. This time they had to make due without their fighter as well as their ranger. But they continued on with their plan to destroy the lich’s ring…

For the most part the session became a race with Solare leading the group, to the best of his memory, to what should be an abandoned sacred place in the forest. Dedicated to the gods of light. The lich, calling herself the Mistress was hot on their trail, literally as she sent swarms of flying skulls after them. Solare guided them as best he could, while trying to stay ahead of the skulls homing in on them. They were forced into one encounter, but upon getting close, Yain decided to improve their odds of finding the temple by using his wand of the forrest to speak with the oldest tree he could find. He spoke with an ancient oak, that he woke from a nap. The tree was happy to help, and pointed them in the direction of the Prince of Light’s temple.

The party was able to reach the temple quickly from there, only to find it not quite as abaondoned as expected. Two elves guarded the doors, silent as they approached, only nodding in acknowledgement. However as Solare explained the situation the doors opened and an elder elf stepped out and addressed the party. The priests here have taken a vow of silence, but it can be broken in exceptional circumstances. This qualified. As the next wave of skulls neared the priests ushered the party inside, assuring them that they would be safe within. The temple itself as a partial ziggurat, open to the air. The group watched as flaming skulls anhilliated themselves attempting to breach the barrier surrounding the temple with no success. Solare attempted to inquire about the Prince of Light, the temple glowing slightly in repsonse to every time he, and only he said the name. However the priests were reluctant to say much beyond him being a former god of light. Not a part of this age. The elder offered to lead the other priests in a ritual to destroy the ring for the party, however doing so would direct the temple’s energies inward, meaning no more barrier. So ideally the party would hold off the forces outside while they do their work. They agreed.

The group found the Mistress already outside and waiting for them. She made one last offer to buy her ring back from them, only to be told off more or less. The party’s bard noticed the force of gouls lying in wait, preventing them from being caught off guard as the battle began. The group managed to make short work of the lich, and tore through her gouls quickly. However shortly after her body crumbled to dust, they heard cries from inside the temple, as she began rematerializing from her exceptionally charged phylactery. The ring inside. Extending the battle a bit as they saved the priests from a super charged version of the lich.

However the group was trimphant. They recovered a considerable sum of gold from the lich’s remains outside, and the priests were pleased to be of assistance. However they would no longer speak, special circumstances no longer applying. The group also noticed that the temple had mostly been exhausted of it’s sacred light in the process of destorying the ring. Though Solare suspected it would recover in time. The party made their way back to Shadowport.

Shadowy Shadow Port…

So the group was short their typical face, their ranger Liath, but the bard and spy Yain was happy to step up. In fact, this was mostly an RP session, no combat occurred.

The group made their way to Shadow Port, as planned. Yain immediately set to trying to track down information concerning the missing engine the party learned about previously. He found an old acquaintance from the dwarven spy circles, who said he could help, but wanted them to retrieve a dwarvish puzzle box for him, from a tavern in the kobold quarter.

The party went to the Dragon Shack, where this box could be found and learned it is to the prize of a drinking competition that evening. One in which a very, very formidable looking ogre would be entering. They scrambled together a plan and Solare crafted a ritual to empower Yain to be able to outdrink just about anyone. Yain and Morris  entered, and while Morris hit the table, Yain went toe to toe, or drink to drink with the ogre and came out on top.

So  puzzle box in tow, the group retired to their inn for the night. Yain kept the box in his secret pocket, while Malfius, the no-sleep-needing necromancer kept watch in the room. In the wee hours of the morning they were disturbed by some light knocking. Yain hid in the room while Malfius answered the door. He found a cloaked figure offering to pay quite handsomely for the box. Ten thousand gold, even tipping that this value was in fact, open to negotiation. Yain successfully hid as Malfius insisted he wasn’t around. So the feminine figure left, but not before betraying her undead and likely skeletal nature, as well as identifying herself as the Mistress.

The next morning, curiosity now sufficiently peaked, the Yain solved and opened the puzzle box, filling the room with a brilliant blue light that eventually dissipated. Inside was a platinum sapphire ring, still on a finger.. bone. Radiating intense necromantic energies. The group quickly decided against the offer, and began scheming how to get rid of this. Solare and Malfius cooperating on a containment ritual for the ring. That way they could still hand off the box for their initial deal, playing off having not opened it. All of this was a success.

Now they’re off to one of the sacred sites in the nearby Bitterwood, hoping to use such a space to safely destroy the ring. In a week’s time Yain’s contact will also be able to arrange a meeting with the individual who stole the engine in Glitterhaggen.

The Great Gold Wyrm is free! Stick around for prizes

This was pretty much a laid back session.

The group made it to the Golden Citadel, and began to see the pieces shift and turn as a result of their actions. The Red Waste was turned into the Red Ocean as expected. Solare used a ritual to help feed the rescued slaves. As well as one to help the GGW’s forces withstand the tide, quite literally, as the waters poured into the abyss. This allowed the GGW to leave, as now an endless ocean of sorts is pouring into the maw of the abyss, keeping the demon hordes at bay.

After freeing the GGW, he vanished. Though they also watched at the Golden Citadel began to restore itself. The structure itself had seen better days, being the primary bastion holding off the abyss, no more. It rebuilt itself in a matter of hours. The next day the party was called into the main hall, which each PC receiving a reward for service rendered. By default these were to be magic items associated with the GGW, but in cases where icon rolls came up, these tended to shift to something closer to the PC’s patron. Though the hall was also filled with a subtle golden light, that brought to mind any of the PC’s past sins, and produced near tangible weight for all of them. Such is the judgement of the GGW.

An important matter of note is that Yain, the group’s bard and spy caught that not only was the war table setup in the back of the hall, but it looked like there were troop movements slated i the direction of First Triumph. Free to take a more active role in the world, the GGW has issues to resolve with the Crusader.

The group however also reciveved free transport to the location of their choice, going with Glitterhagen. On their way to the port northward however, they witnessed a group of 13 white dragons headed to the Citadel. They decided to turn back and observe, ready to assist. Only to learn that the white dragons had come to petition the GGW for aid in an assault on the Lich King and Necropolis. Only to be denied.

The group made their way finally to Glitterhagen, and after a bit of stumbling around, learned that the Prince of Shadows has stolen the engine of a flying machine from their friend Jauqeem. Furthermore, it looks like the Prince of Shadows may be arranging a combined assault on the Necropolis with forces provided by both the Elf Queen and the Crusader. Leading some of them to dread the possibility of a coming world war between icons.

Someone set us up the bomb…

So the group finally succeeded in their mission to set off the Seed of New Life, using it to terraform the Red Waste into an ocean. Their ambitious half baked plan that was just too awesome to not let them try. But again, success!

So the group departed Horizon and got off at a dock north of the Golden Citadel, and then promptly avoided it. Though they noted that the Emperor appeared to have sent troops to aid in the current demon war. Taking the longer road around to head deep into the Red Wastes to infiltrate slave master Issik’s compound. Along the way they took note of the fighting going on near the citadel, as there is still a bit of a demonic imbalance due to the Prince of Shadows having stolen a handful of scales from the Great Gold Wyrm. They continued to avoid however, especially given that their own plan would have a drastic impact on the current fighting aside from making the Citadel beach front property.

Ultimately this involved sneaking in, which had some risky party splitting involved to first take down a guard tower. They then broke into the slave pits, and took note that the conditions were far, far worse than when Liath had first escaped. The prisoners being by and large traumatized both mentally and physically, the worst sporting wounds from being forced to battle manticore in the gladiatorial arena. The group was planning to use a few hundred miniature horses that would temporarily become “real” horses to help them escape, but in this condition they couldn’t make it. (Think a souped up version of wondrous figurines.) Solare devised a healing ritual to help soothe their bodies and souls, and they set them free. Counting on sheer numbers on horseback to overwhelm the guards.

In the confusion, they made way to Issick’s grand house. Though Liath caught wind of something being wrong with the household staff, which the new necromancer Malfius recognized as a genuine devilish aura. So rather than attempt to free them, the party went ahead and activated the Seed. Causing an instant and massive storm to begin, and slowly spread out. Devastation in it’s wake, but slow enough to outrun on horseback. Though a series of smoke devils escaped the home in the final clash, leading to one last big fight as the party made haste out of the Wastes. Victorious, they headed towards the Golden Citadel, where they sent the slave army, while actual armies are still entrenched in demonic warfare. Of course, now an ocean is forming that should drown out the Abyss…

Then there was a necromancer…

Last game was rather on the short side. Not to mention we’ve had a bit of a hiatus thanks to scheduling mishaps, perhaps one of the biggest realities of a real regular game. But positive things! We have a new player in the group. We now have a Dwarf Necromancer by the name of Malfius, who’s One Unique Thing is that he is allergic to alcohol. The tragedy of it all. Even our beardless dwarf was aghast.

Malfius was introduced as Liath attempted to get revenge/his money back from the map vendor that scammed him a few sessions back, as Malfius was a victim as well. Things escalated from there as agents of the Diabolist attempted to get their own revenge on this same scam artist.

Downside of a new player, combat slowed a tad. Not to mention the dice were not favorable so the game sessions was largely divided between that one fight and a long bout of continued planning on the party’s plan to more or less drop an eco-nuke.

Coming soon, said eco-nuke!

And then they turned her into a dragon…

So the players arrived in a small cave following the teleportation ritual. It seemed vacant, with an envelope sitting nearby. Liath was able to read it fairly easily due to his linguistics feat, despite having been written in code. It was a letter from the wizard they’ve come to see, Shantel. Addressed to her former lover, the enchanter that sent them, Leon. Basically telling him that she changed her mind, about the possibility of changing her mind. That she didn’t think they’d ever get back together. Leon decided to not mention this bit of information to the party. Instead just saying she’s not here right now.

Outside, it looks like this village had moved on. I took a lot of inspiration from images depicting the Mesozoic Era for how I imagine the terrain on a behemoth’s back to look like, so sandy, swampy, lots of ferns and mosses. Knowledge checks informed the players that the tribes that make themselves home on the backs of the behemoths are typically as nomadic as their homelands are. Liath attempted to follow the trail of the tribe, but instead ultimately lead to watering hole for stegosauruses. However he was able to find a path that had been taken by humans at one point there, leading the group along a narrow path following a creek, leading into a tunnel system.  Which ultimately lead to a lair of steam drakes the party wound up fighting with.

Shortly after though, the party found the tribe’s new location as well as the wizard they’re seeking. After some careful build up, they revealed that they possess the Seed of New Life, and wish to activate it. She was thrilled, and definitely, should be, maybe qualified to help. In fact given her specialty in combining arcane and nature magic, she was even prepared to tweak the biome that this would create when it went off.

Now as an aside, I expected my players to do something crazy that really didn’t fit. Say maybe a tundra. But I was prepared to roll with it, the magic of this going off could sustain such an out of place environment for an age. I did not expect Solare to raise the possibility of making it into an ocean. Thus flooding the Abyss and setting the Great Gold Wyrm free to take care of other duties. But I’ll roll with it. This can work.

The wizard Shantel was all about this possibility as well. She immediately set upon working on the activation ritual, while the party simply enjoyed the little village. Though a day later, as she neared completion, she realized this would not work without an exotic component. Green dragon scales. Fortunately she knows there’s one nearby by the name of Revalone. So the party goes off to barter for three dragon scales.

This dragon fortunately, isn’t much of a fighter. Though his price is high, for he’d been trying to gain the chieftain’s daughter’s hand in marriage for four years now. Always to be denied. Preferring crazy match making to combat with a somewhat okay guy, the party decides to help. Suggesting maybe helping the dragon take on human form, or maybe even become a human. Though he didn’t seem as keen on the later idea.

The party split up. Liath wants to make sure that the girl, Shaena, might actually be interested in a dragon’s hand in marriage. The girl really was mostly a moody teenager, instead of the fairy tale princess this story could have been shaping up for her to be. But she seemed into the idea of a wealthy suitor that could freak out her dad, especially if the whole dragon hurdle could be leaped. Solare meanwhile talks to their wizard friend, asking if she could either help the dragon learn to take human form, turn him into a human, or barring all that, maybe turn the girl into a dragon. The wizard said she could do any of those, but seemed really excited by that last option. By this point though it was getting late and the party slept on it.

The next day Shantel let the party know she had the ritual to turn the girl into a dragon just about ready. The party was horrified, but she explained that she couldn’t sleep, and they took the most interesting option last time. So why not?

So the party ran it by the girl, and again, she seemed possibly into it, but in an rebellious teenager kinda way. They made the necessary agreements with wizards and girls and dragons alike. Turned a girl into a dragon, and ran away via immediate teleport back to Horizon to get the hell out of even acknowledging the consequences of their actions here.

So the party turned a girl into a dragon, and plan to turn the Red Waste into the Red Ocean. I anticipated neither solution. I’m thrilled.