So about that help…

A couple sessions back Yain made arrangements with an old aquaintance of his. The party followed through, to the letter of the deal, not necssarily the spirit. Then found themselves sidetracked disposing of a lich. That’s taken care of and now it’s time to cash in. Arragements were made and they have a meeting with the individual that stole the flying machine engine.

Instructions dictate not only the time and place of the meeting, but also that all of the party is expected to attend. They performed a bit of recon and figured out that the location seems to be obscured by magic, but went forward anyways. The whole party entered, and found themselves locked inside with a host of challenges, all somewhat necrotic if not outright undead themed. Ultimately making their way to a room with a dwarf that looked very familiar to Liath. The fellow be acquired his glove, the Prince of Shadow’s Left glove to be precise. However this turned out to be the guy’s twin brother. Who stil has his glove in fact, the Right. He apologized for the challenge, but was asked to provide a bit of a test. He then offered the party the job of trying to prevent the Lich King from forming an alliance with the Diabolist. However the party by and large was disinterested, especially Solare who had no difficulty expressing just how livid he was over the little test.

Now the party is making plans for their next move, which may very well be infiltrating the Necropolis itself, leaning more about the Lich King more directly.

Now outside of the recap, not sure if I’m gonna keep these of. They’re short, light on the detail, and I’m not sure if they’re worth putting up at the end of the day. Still interested in making posts here, but these may stop before too long.


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