The Prince of… Light?

So another game short a couple of players. This time they had to make due without their fighter as well as their ranger. But they continued on with their plan to destroy the lich’s ring…

For the most part the session became a race with Solare leading the group, to the best of his memory, to what should be an abandoned sacred place in the forest. Dedicated to the gods of light. The lich, calling herself the Mistress was hot on their trail, literally as she sent swarms of flying skulls after them. Solare guided them as best he could, while trying to stay ahead of the skulls homing in on them. They were forced into one encounter, but upon getting close, Yain decided to improve their odds of finding the temple by using his wand of the forrest to speak with the oldest tree he could find. He spoke with an ancient oak, that he woke from a nap. The tree was happy to help, and pointed them in the direction of the Prince of Light’s temple.

The party was able to reach the temple quickly from there, only to find it not quite as abaondoned as expected. Two elves guarded the doors, silent as they approached, only nodding in acknowledgement. However as Solare explained the situation the doors opened and an elder elf stepped out and addressed the party. The priests here have taken a vow of silence, but it can be broken in exceptional circumstances. This qualified. As the next wave of skulls neared the priests ushered the party inside, assuring them that they would be safe within. The temple itself as a partial ziggurat, open to the air. The group watched as flaming skulls anhilliated themselves attempting to breach the barrier surrounding the temple with no success. Solare attempted to inquire about the Prince of Light, the temple glowing slightly in repsonse to every time he, and only he said the name. However the priests were reluctant to say much beyond him being a former god of light. Not a part of this age. The elder offered to lead the other priests in a ritual to destroy the ring for the party, however doing so would direct the temple’s energies inward, meaning no more barrier. So ideally the party would hold off the forces outside while they do their work. They agreed.

The group found the Mistress already outside and waiting for them. She made one last offer to buy her ring back from them, only to be told off more or less. The party’s bard noticed the force of gouls lying in wait, preventing them from being caught off guard as the battle began. The group managed to make short work of the lich, and tore through her gouls quickly. However shortly after her body crumbled to dust, they heard cries from inside the temple, as she began rematerializing from her exceptionally charged phylactery. The ring inside. Extending the battle a bit as they saved the priests from a super charged version of the lich.

However the group was trimphant. They recovered a considerable sum of gold from the lich’s remains outside, and the priests were pleased to be of assistance. However they would no longer speak, special circumstances no longer applying. The group also noticed that the temple had mostly been exhausted of it’s sacred light in the process of destorying the ring. Though Solare suspected it would recover in time. The party made their way back to Shadowport.


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