Shadowy Shadow Port…

So the group was short their typical face, their ranger Liath, but the bard and spy Yain was happy to step up. In fact, this was mostly an RP session, no combat occurred.

The group made their way to Shadow Port, as planned. Yain immediately set to trying to track down information concerning the missing engine the party learned about previously. He found an old acquaintance from the dwarven spy circles, who said he could help, but wanted them to retrieve a dwarvish puzzle box for him, from a tavern in the kobold quarter.

The party went to the Dragon Shack, where this box could be found and learned it is to the prize of a drinking competition that evening. One in which a very, very formidable looking ogre would be entering. They scrambled together a plan and Solare crafted a ritual to empower Yain to be able to outdrink just about anyone. Yain and Morris  entered, and while Morris hit the table, Yain went toe to toe, or drink to drink with the ogre and came out on top.

So  puzzle box in tow, the group retired to their inn for the night. Yain kept the box in his secret pocket, while Malfius, the no-sleep-needing necromancer kept watch in the room. In the wee hours of the morning they were disturbed by some light knocking. Yain hid in the room while Malfius answered the door. He found a cloaked figure offering to pay quite handsomely for the box. Ten thousand gold, even tipping that this value was in fact, open to negotiation. Yain successfully hid as Malfius insisted he wasn’t around. So the feminine figure left, but not before betraying her undead and likely skeletal nature, as well as identifying herself as the Mistress.

The next morning, curiosity now sufficiently peaked, the Yain solved and opened the puzzle box, filling the room with a brilliant blue light that eventually dissipated. Inside was a platinum sapphire ring, still on a finger.. bone. Radiating intense necromantic energies. The group quickly decided against the offer, and began scheming how to get rid of this. Solare and Malfius cooperating on a containment ritual for the ring. That way they could still hand off the box for their initial deal, playing off having not opened it. All of this was a success.

Now they’re off to one of the sacred sites in the nearby Bitterwood, hoping to use such a space to safely destroy the ring. In a week’s time Yain’s contact will also be able to arrange a meeting with the individual who stole the engine in Glitterhaggen.


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