The Great Gold Wyrm is free! Stick around for prizes

This was pretty much a laid back session.

The group made it to the Golden Citadel, and began to see the pieces shift and turn as a result of their actions. The Red Waste was turned into the Red Ocean as expected. Solare used a ritual to help feed the rescued slaves. As well as one to help the GGW’s forces withstand the tide, quite literally, as the waters poured into the abyss. This allowed the GGW to leave, as now an endless ocean of sorts is pouring into the maw of the abyss, keeping the demon hordes at bay.

After freeing the GGW, he vanished. Though they also watched at the Golden Citadel began to restore itself. The structure itself had seen better days, being the primary bastion holding off the abyss, no more. It rebuilt itself in a matter of hours. The next day the party was called into the main hall, which each PC receiving a reward for service rendered. By default these were to be magic items associated with the GGW, but in cases where icon rolls came up, these tended to shift to something closer to the PC’s patron. Though the hall was also filled with a subtle golden light, that brought to mind any of the PC’s past sins, and produced near tangible weight for all of them. Such is the judgement of the GGW.

An important matter of note is that Yain, the group’s bard and spy caught that not only was the war table setup in the back of the hall, but it looked like there were troop movements slated i the direction of First Triumph. Free to take a more active role in the world, the GGW has issues to resolve with the Crusader.

The group however also reciveved free transport to the location of their choice, going with Glitterhagen. On their way to the port northward however, they witnessed a group of 13 white dragons headed to the Citadel. They decided to turn back and observe, ready to assist. Only to learn that the white dragons had come to petition the GGW for aid in an assault on the Lich King and Necropolis. Only to be denied.

The group made their way finally to Glitterhagen, and after a bit of stumbling around, learned that the Prince of Shadows has stolen the engine of a flying machine from their friend Jauqeem. Furthermore, it looks like the Prince of Shadows may be arranging a combined assault on the Necropolis with forces provided by both the Elf Queen and the Crusader. Leading some of them to dread the possibility of a coming world war between icons.


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