Someone set us up the bomb…

So the group finally succeeded in their mission to set off the Seed of New Life, using it to terraform the Red Waste into an ocean. Their ambitious half baked plan that was just too awesome to not let them try. But again, success!

So the group departed Horizon and got off at a dock north of the Golden Citadel, and then promptly avoided it. Though they noted that the Emperor appeared to have sent troops to aid in the current demon war. Taking the longer road around to head deep into the Red Wastes to infiltrate slave master Issik’s compound. Along the way they took note of the fighting going on near the citadel, as there is still a bit of a demonic imbalance due to the Prince of Shadows having stolen a handful of scales from the Great Gold Wyrm. They continued to avoid however, especially given that their own plan would have a drastic impact on the current fighting aside from making the Citadel beach front property.

Ultimately this involved sneaking in, which had some risky party splitting involved to first take down a guard tower. They then broke into the slave pits, and took note that the conditions were far, far worse than when Liath had first escaped. The prisoners being by and large traumatized both mentally and physically, the worst sporting wounds from being forced to battle manticore in the gladiatorial arena. The group was planning to use a few hundred miniature horses that would temporarily become “real” horses to help them escape, but in this condition they couldn’t make it. (Think a souped up version of wondrous figurines.) Solare devised a healing ritual to help soothe their bodies and souls, and they set them free. Counting on sheer numbers on horseback to overwhelm the guards.

In the confusion, they made way to Issick’s grand house. Though Liath caught wind of something being wrong with the household staff, which the new necromancer Malfius recognized as a genuine devilish aura. So rather than attempt to free them, the party went ahead and activated the Seed. Causing an instant and massive storm to begin, and slowly spread out. Devastation in it’s wake, but slow enough to outrun on horseback. Though a series of smoke devils escaped the home in the final clash, leading to one last big fight as the party made haste out of the Wastes. Victorious, they headed towards the Golden Citadel, where they sent the slave army, while actual armies are still entrenched in demonic warfare. Of course, now an ocean is forming that should drown out the Abyss…


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