A brief story and a plug…

I follow a handful of gaming podcasts, mostly on games I’m extra into at the time. (Meaning mostly 13th Age and Numenera.) On the 13th Age end, I’ve become a big fan of Iconic, which I highly recommend folks check out. A little while back though, they did a small contest asking people to submit their ideas as to who the White Dragon was, as it’s more or less a name dropped icon from an earlier age that we know the then Wizard King, now Lich King killed off. But that’s pretty much all we know canonically. They had a lot of neat submissions, and I’d suggest that you check them out. My own entry didn’t place, but I still really liked it. Enough that it’s likely to get used in either my current or a future game. (Depending on if it could get worked in.) So I figured I’d share it here.

Who was the White? The Red is Rage, and the Black is Darkness, and the Blue is Power. The White was Freedom. Long ago, as the then Wizard King began to reveal his true nature as a tyrant and threat to the world, it was the White that first stood up to him. He challenged him openly, and at the end of their duel, with the freedom of all hanging in the balance, the White fell.

Who is the White? The Lich King’s greatest secret is that the White lives. Though he fell in battle that day, the White was not slain. Instead, the White was hidden away, to become the subject of the Wizard King’s exploration of the necromantic arts. It is through these experiments that an entire school of magic was brought into existence, almost all of it at the first hand suffering of the imprisoned White Dragon. After he was slain, the Wizard King endured, because of the White, for the White became the first phylactery. In fact, it may be better to say that the White is the Phylactery. For the ritual employed by all manner of lich is to this day derived from that first ritual used to imprison the Wizard King’s soul within the White. Without which, all of these foul creatures would surely find true death.


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