Gaming updates, Con update!

So, seems like our 13th Age game has just had bad luck with regular sessions lately. The last game had to get postponed, so still waiting to see the players drop a bomb. Literally.

However in other gaming news, this past weekend I attended my first gaming convention. I’ve been playing games for a while, but this was a milestone I hadn’t hit yet. I attended MACE  in Charlotte, NC. To say that I had a good time would do the people there a disservice. Everyone organizing and volunteering there was incredibly friendly. Every single person I interacted with, on or off the gametable was as well, super nice, friendly, and fun to be around. Hell, even the vendors were enjoyable to interact with.

I wound up running two game sessions. My intention was to just do one, since I’m normally quite nervous just having one new player in a group and this was to be a group of complete strangers. I trend far towards the shy and introverted side so to say I was nervous would be putting it lightly. But it all worked out. In fact the first group was so much fun that I didn’t really have any anxiety at all with the second one! This was a scenario I’ve ran and tweaked a bit with two different groups of friends before this convention, and I really find it just thrilling how different each session ran. Each group tried a number of things that others just didn’t even think about. I ran a Numenera session of my own making, though I just used the pregens from the Vortex pre-built adventure to make things easier on myself. I’ll likely detail the scenario and creatures involved in another post. The real point is that I had a lot of run, and unless I had two tables of kind and supremely skilled liars, the people playing did too.

I also played in a lot of games! I signed up for five games, meaning I more or less spent the whole weekend playing in RPGs. I tried to sign up for either games I’ve really wanted to play and haven’t, or games I’m really curious to see how others play them. All in all I played:

  • Numenera (Hey, so far I’ve just seen me and my fiance John run it!)
  • Dresden Files
  • Shadowrun 5e
  • New World of Darkness (mortals)
  • Battle for Oz

Again, every single game was loads of fun. In some cases the GM simplified the rules a bit for a one shot, but that’s not something I’m complaining about as they had only four hours to work with and they still have to introduce the game in the first place.

I do have to note though just how impressed I was with Battle for Oz. They’re a relatively local developer and the game’s author was the one running the session. I realize that’s more or less the ideal situation, but it worked. I’m gonna pick up this game. It uses Savage Worlds and their own take on the Oz setting in really dark and fun ways. I think this would work well for my own group and I had a blast playing. (The group consisted of two wizards, a country music playing dude, a tinker, a sabercat, and a flying monkey!) I would’ve bought a copy there, but I’d rather make my own order from DriveThruRPG so I can get the PDF along with the physical book.

I also hit up the vendors pretty hard. In fact I basically started Christmas shopping early. As such I won’t go too far into detail here. I did get a present for John that’s more in the just-because category. A combination dragon egg dice bag, with matching baby dragon that can fit inside it. Both made out of yarn. SUPER cute. I also picked up a card game for myself, another local developer. When I passed by the Havok & Hijinks table on the first day I wound up buying it, along with a second copy on the last day to give to my nephew. It just looked way too cute and fun, and I could always use more quick to play non-collectable card games in my life.

So in short, had a blast. I’m exhausted. I preemptively took the day after off of work as well because I suspected I’d need it, and oh god I do. But now already planning to go back next year, and maybe check out their related con in that happens in Spring in Asheville, NC.


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