Then there was a necromancer…

Last game was rather on the short side. Not to mention we’ve had a bit of a hiatus thanks to scheduling mishaps, perhaps one of the biggest realities of a real regular game. But positive things! We have a new player in the group. We now have a Dwarf Necromancer by the name of Malfius, who’s One Unique Thing is that he is allergic to alcohol. The tragedy of it all. Even our beardless dwarf was aghast.

Malfius was introduced as Liath attempted to get revenge/his money back from the map vendor that scammed him a few sessions back, as Malfius was a victim as well. Things escalated from there as agents of the Diabolist attempted to get their own revenge on this same scam artist.

Downside of a new player, combat slowed a tad. Not to mention the dice were not favorable so the game sessions was largely divided between that one fight and a long bout of continued planning on the party’s plan to more or less drop an eco-nuke.

Coming soon, said eco-nuke!


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