And then they turned her into a dragon…

So the players arrived in a small cave following the teleportation ritual. It seemed vacant, with an envelope sitting nearby. Liath was able to read it fairly easily due to his linguistics feat, despite having been written in code. It was a letter from the wizard they’ve come to see, Shantel. Addressed to her former lover, the enchanter that sent them, Leon. Basically telling him that she changed her mind, about the possibility of changing her mind. That she didn’t think they’d ever get back together. Leon decided to not mention this bit of information to the party. Instead just saying she’s not here right now.

Outside, it looks like this village had moved on. I took a lot of inspiration from images depicting the Mesozoic Era for how I imagine the terrain on a behemoth’s back to look like, so sandy, swampy, lots of ferns and mosses. Knowledge checks informed the players that the tribes that make themselves home on the backs of the behemoths are typically as nomadic as their homelands are. Liath attempted to follow the trail of the tribe, but instead ultimately lead to watering hole for stegosauruses. However he was able to find a path that had been taken by humans at one point there, leading the group along a narrow path following a creek, leading into a tunnel system.  Which ultimately lead to a lair of steam drakes the party wound up fighting with.

Shortly after though, the party found the tribe’s new location as well as the wizard they’re seeking. After some careful build up, they revealed that they possess the Seed of New Life, and wish to activate it. She was thrilled, and definitely, should be, maybe qualified to help. In fact given her specialty in combining arcane and nature magic, she was even prepared to tweak the biome that this would create when it went off.

Now as an aside, I expected my players to do something crazy that really didn’t fit. Say maybe a tundra. But I was prepared to roll with it, the magic of this going off could sustain such an out of place environment for an age. I did not expect Solare to raise the possibility of making it into an ocean. Thus flooding the Abyss and setting the Great Gold Wyrm free to take care of other duties. But I’ll roll with it. This can work.

The wizard Shantel was all about this possibility as well. She immediately set upon working on the activation ritual, while the party simply enjoyed the little village. Though a day later, as she neared completion, she realized this would not work without an exotic component. Green dragon scales. Fortunately she knows there’s one nearby by the name of Revalone. So the party goes off to barter for three dragon scales.

This dragon fortunately, isn’t much of a fighter. Though his price is high, for he’d been trying to gain the chieftain’s daughter’s hand in marriage for four years now. Always to be denied. Preferring crazy match making to combat with a somewhat okay guy, the party decides to help. Suggesting maybe helping the dragon take on human form, or maybe even become a human. Though he didn’t seem as keen on the later idea.

The party split up. Liath wants to make sure that the girl, Shaena, might actually be interested in a dragon’s hand in marriage. The girl really was mostly a moody teenager, instead of the fairy tale princess this story could have been shaping up for her to be. But she seemed into the idea of a wealthy suitor that could freak out her dad, especially if the whole dragon hurdle could be leaped. Solare meanwhile talks to their wizard friend, asking if she could either help the dragon learn to take human form, turn him into a human, or barring all that, maybe turn the girl into a dragon. The wizard said she could do any of those, but seemed really excited by that last option. By this point though it was getting late and the party slept on it.

The next day Shantel let the party know she had the ritual to turn the girl into a dragon just about ready. The party was horrified, but she explained that she couldn’t sleep, and they took the most interesting option last time. So why not?

So the party ran it by the girl, and again, she seemed possibly into it, but in an rebellious teenager kinda way. They made the necessary agreements with wizards and girls and dragons alike. Turned a girl into a dragon, and ran away via immediate teleport back to Horizon to get the hell out of even acknowledging the consequences of their actions here.

So the party turned a girl into a dragon, and plan to turn the Red Waste into the Red Ocean. I anticipated neither solution. I’m thrilled.


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