A Trip to Horizon

So now in the possession of the Seed of New Life, the party struggled with what to do with it. Liath has made the suggestion of using it as a weapon of sorts on the estate of his former master, and slaver extraordinaire, Issik. Eventually this was agreed upon, but they still have a powerful magical artifact, and don’t know how to use it. They weighed their options and made their way to Horizon. Hoping that there they can learn how to use the thing. Liath further hoping to maybe find someone that could create an enchantment of sorts for the leather armor he had crafted from dragon hide.

The trip itself was uneventful, but no one in the party had more than superficial experience with the city, leaving them unsure of where to go from there. They found accommodations for the night and the next day split up into two groups.

Solare and Yain made their way to the local temples seeking out information, ultimately hitting up a temple of knowledge in the College district. However the librarian priests here were very reluctant to let others touch their books. Solare compromised, and asked about three ancient artifacts, hoping to leave her wondering which one they were truly interested in. Unfortunately not too much information was turned up here, other than it being original a weapon of sorts created by an ancient high druid. They were however able to acquire a couple names belonging to wizards with private libraries that could likely assist them.

Meanwhile, Liath and Morris made their way out to the subcity, hoping to deal with more disreputable folk in finding a knowledge broker. They found a map dealer that was happy to help them for a fee, however his map didn’t lead to the sort of library promised. Such is life dealing with disreputable folk. However fortune still smiled, this is an enchanter’s shop. Better yet, one with a serious problem. It would seem while trying to mimic a colleague’s spells synthesizing wizardry and druidry, he summoned a host of elementals he can barely control. He’s confined them to the basement storeroom, but they’re wrecking the place horribly. The enchanter recognized that the two fellows before him seemed the adventuring sort, and asked for their help. Liath took this opportunity to ask about enchanting his new armor, of which the enchanter was quite willing to agree at this point. Liath and Yain went to meet up with their companions, tracking them down, quite literally.

The party regroups at the enchanter’s home, deals with the elementals in the basement, negotiates for the armor enchantment, and ask about the two names they’d acquired earlier. The enchanter recognizes one as the colleague he’d known to dabble in combining magics, also as a former lover of his. Unfortunately she’s on a sabbatical of sorts, studying druidism on the back of a Koru Behemoth with a tribe that lives there. Fortunately however, this enchanter possess a ritual to travel to visit her. Just in case. He’s willing to modify it to send the party there, under the idea that she could help send them back. Maybe.

The party winds up pretty divided on this at first. Solare would rather get her address and break in, to look over her library and research themselves. Being extremely unkeen on the idea of bounding away onto the back of a behemoth. Morris and Liath would rather go visit the wizard/druid, thinking her knowledge would be invaluable for the task at hand. Yain originally leaned towards Solare’s way of thinking, but after thinking more carefully about the sort of precautions a wizard might have against larceny, decided against it.

We left off with the party huddled together as they’re whisked off away to the back of a Koru Behemoth!


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