Wild Garden

Last session our players dived into my own take on the Wild Garden. I was really delighted to see it in 13 True Ways as an example dungeon, as it was one I could work into my current campaign without too much trouble at all. Though given our shorter game sessions, I also shrunk the size of the dungeon a bit. The players also managed to skirt past the big encounter I had planned with the Flowers of Unlife. Whenever this sort of thing happens I’m torn between disappointment that I didn’t get to use a neat encounter, and being impressed with how they avoided it. Ultimately the later and the fun we’re having is the big deal there.

Basically though, the players made their way through the dungeon. I tossed in hints at past attempts to recover the Seed of New Life. They ultimately found it along the way, in fact our ranger Lieth found it early using the Prince’s Glove. They made it to the capstone chamber and engaged with Carrid. The corrupted druid-semi-lich. Survived both fights with him, and escaped with their lives. Solare got a new sunlight shield out of this whole affair. And now the players are in possession of an uncorrupted Seed of New Life. Which I’ve decided in my game is basically a fantasy version of Star Trek 2’s Genesis Device. They’re now arguing over what to do with it, who they could trust with it, etc. Interestingly, our bard has a wand that lets him talk to plants, I’ve ruled this is partially a plant on it’s own. So they plan to ask it for advice there. I’m awaiting their questions.

As a side note, here’s the artifact info for the Prince’s Glove:

The Prince’s Glove – Artifact Thieves Tools

  • Adventurer
    • Helping Hand: +2 bonus on all attempts to pick locks or disable traps. Can’t keep your hands out of places they don’t belong.
  • Champion
    • Divining Hand – (Daily) Can use the gloves to discern the location of hidden doors, traps, and other hiding places of note. Cannot stand anything being hidden in your presence.
  • Epic
    • Flawless Hand – (Daily) Can be used to steal something from the opponent that should be nearly, if not impossible to complete unnoticed, without being noticed. A compulsion to touch others inappropriately.
    • Unlocked Hand – (Daily) Instantly unlock any nonmagical lock. Otherwise, permit the bearer to attempt to unlock a lock they otherwise shouldn’t have a chance to at all. Cannot stand anything being locked in your presence.

I’m debating tweaking it some, by making some of the daily abilities hard recharges instead. Or maybe a clause that if it doesn’t accomplish something getting used, it’s not wasted. Probably the later.


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