Too many games? No such thing?

So I’m finding myself somewhat torn. Right now I’m playing in, one way or another, more games at once than I can recall I ever have at once. I’m loving it too. There’s a decent amount of variety to this as well. I’m in a Werewolf 20A game, a Pathfinder RPG game (set in Dragonlance no less,) and an Amazing Adventures game set in a new version of a friend’s universe I really love. These other games are happening more or less monthly. With Werewolf and Pathfinder taking up two weekends a month.

Here’s where I get greedy. Even though these games have sucked up a decent amount of time, I’m finding myself wanting more. This past week I ran my first game on Roll20, and minus some small technical hurdles it went really well. (It was a Numenera one shot for the record, a dry run of the session I have outlined to run at MACE later this year.)

So now I’m mulling starting up another ongoing. Online would pretty much be a necessity. Even if folks from my main gaming group were interested in playing, we don’t all live close enough to make much more in person game time tenable. In fact the folks driving in are quite commendable. Not to mention this would let me get a chance to play with folks I’d otherwise not really have much of a chance to play with anyways.

That being said, two main hurdles I foresee myself having to address. On one hand, what game? 13th Age is my current ongoing, so I’d be disinclined to have it be the game. Numenera is a prime contender. It’s a great game, a number of folks already have it, and it seemed to go over well at the one-shot. Castles & Crusades would also be nice, it’s still in the D&D vein as 13th Age is, but a very different style and feel all the same. I also wouldn’t really mind making it a White Wolf/Onyx Path title. Though so many of those are now getting new editions I might be tempted to hold off somewhat there. Either way, that’s something I’ll be mulling over.

There other bit is the technology to use. The Amazing Adventures game I’m in is being run online, using a friend’s custom dice roller and Mumble, and that’s working out pretty well tech-wise. Though some folks would benefit from a headset or headphones. Roll20 worked, but John had some trouble playing in the same room as me as there’s no real push-to-talk option which made things problematic. He wound up playing in another room, and did not care for that at all. I also have a GM license to Fantasy Grounds I’d like to try out at some point. Though I’d be hesitant to go there as then I’m left asking players to get a license, or spend a serious chunk of cash myself to upgrade my license to ultimate. That provides possible the slickest interface for the mock tabletop I’ve seen. Though it also doesn’t provide audio, which ultimately I’d like to have.

That really just turned into more of a ramble. Though I’d certainly appreciate suggestions in this whole area. Running online games in particular, but maybe also just marveling at not being happy with what you’ve got.


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