I figure the first post would be best served by talking a little bit about myself, especially in relation to what I plan to write about here.

The vast majority of my hobbies and interests would be described as geeky, but for the most part I plan to focus on tabletop RPGs in particular. So let’s talk some background there.

My first serious introduction to tabletop RPGs was AD&D2e in high school. I absolutely loved it. To this day it’s still influenced a lot of my tastes as a gamer. With D&D and it’s variants often being my favorite things. However I also fell out of the hobby in college. I sort of kept a loose eye on things, I did pick up 3e’s Player’s Handbook and really liked a lot of the changes I saw. But I didn’t really get back into playing until around the time 4e launched. But I hit the ground running. My bookshelf and DriveThruRPG shelf are both pretty packed. In fact I’ve made a new rule for myself to try and minimize on future print copies. (Moving that many books is a nightmare!) So in general I’m only getting core rulebooks in print, and only on games I’m doing ongoings with. I’ve been playing lots of games with friends, in fact I’ve got such an active group of gaming friends that at this point I’m pretty spoiled.

Getting to the current games though. I’m running an ongoing 13th Age game, with another Numenera one shot coming up. (Using an adventure I plan to turn into my first convention game later this year!) I’m also playing in three games. A Werewolf 20A game being run by a friend. That same friend is also running an Amazing Adventures game online in a custom setting as a sequel to a campaign he ran ages ago. My boyfriend is also running his own adaptation of Dragonlance to Pathfinder. (See? Kinda spoiled!)

Now as for what I plan to post about more specifically. Again, mostly RPG stuff. I think I’ll start doing right ups as to what’s going on in the games I run, and maybe snippets of exciting stuff from games I’m playing in. I’ll also talk about my own takes on running games, as well as thoughts on various games. I’ll probably have something of a strong surge of posts to catch up on some ideas bubbling around in my head, and then even out to a slower more regular pace. I’d also be looking forward to comments and discussion on the things I post about, so there’s that.

That’s it I suppose.


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